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What is Amore?

Amore is  the newest brand of Biostyle. One of the top organic food manufacturers in Bulgaria with an inspiring, fresh and healthy product line that delivers to a network of resellers. As an experienced manufacturer we offer a small choice of sophisticated, innovative and popular food solutions to companies all over Europe.

Our Story

Back in 2012, when organic food varieties were just beginning to take off, our founders, Evgenia and Dimitar, identified a growing niche and set out to build better food options that would disrupt the food status quo for better and forever. Since then, our organic food production family has been constantly growing, working tirelessly to stay true to our mission.

HIGH Quality

Our purpose

Nine years after its birth, our organic food production company now serves thousands of individuals, teams, and organizations with a dual purpose. As a food producer, we offer inspiring and innovative food choices for everyone. As an organic certified company respecting the nature and following the ecological principles in a sustainable way, out team is working every day in harmony with nature.

What we do best is cook, create, and innovate in our kitchen.

CREATING with love since 2012

Who we are

We’re firm believers in the power of innovation and the importance of the philosophy that “what you put in, you get out”. While our beginnings were humble, we are now proud to say that several major organic food chains offer our products and are growing in popularity each month.

As we continue to evolve, we strive to help our community with healthier food options with the same integrity and passion that got us started in the first place. Our focus is to improve the way our products are sold and distributed. Our goal is to become even more efficient and user-friendly for our ever-growing community of mothers, members and partners.

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We make tasty breakfasts and snacks for conscious and healthy families.

Fresh & Tasty every day

9 Years of Experience

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Our Team



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We love getting feedback from our visitors!

Amorement.com started as an enthusiast organic food production company created by people who are devoted to nutrition, innovation and creative food choices.

We love trying new things. Our aim is to provide you with good food choices and detailed information about the ingredients we use so you can make an informed choice for your children and your future health.

With the fast growth of our company, and with the constant expansion of amoremoment.com, we cannot track everything that happens both on the site and in the world. This is why we admire readers who approach us either through our Contact Form or at info@amoremoment.com. We welcome each report about a bug on the site or an enquiry or sampling of our product.

We also highly value suggestions for new product ideas but cannot promise we will be able to fulfil them. Even so, we can assure you that your opinion means a lot to us and we make efforts to surprise you, every day.

We are looking forward to your inquiries and suggestions, and thank you in advance for your feedback.

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